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Meet our experts.

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Dave Kwajewski has 19 years of experience in life science with multiple sales and sales management roles. While sales started out as a job, it has turned into Dave’s career and passion. Dave has headed commercial groups in several instrument and services companies.


With Selling Science, Dave works with clients for whom sales is a top priority—but for whatever reason, things are not as good as they could be or need to be in order to achieve organizational goals.
Dave combines his scientific and commercial background to help small technology companies establish a common sales language, a hiring process, a unified sales process and a system of behavioral accountability. Dave’s passion for helping companies understand and acquire new technology allow him to be a trusted advisor to many top pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

Dave is fiercely competitive yet possesses a sincere deep-rooted desire to help people to be the best they can be, a unique balance of character traits, which Dave pulls off with a smile. Outside of work, Dave spends most of his free time with his family, engaging in a range of outdoor activities such as fishing, golfing, and skiing.  


Jeff Kiplinger has a PhD in chemistry and started a pharmaceutical industry career with Pfizer as an analytical scientist. After leaving in 1998 to start his first company, he continued working in the life sciences industry as a consultant and serial entrepreneur. Most recently, in 2008 he founded a contract drug development services company. Following eight years of fast growth, he sold the company in 2016.  


In 2018 he started Cohere Business Strategies, a business advisory service that works with founders and owners to increase sales and operational efficiency. He is the author of the Amazon bestselling book "Expert to Entrepreneur: How to Turn Your Hard-Won Expertise into a Thriving Business".  Expert to Entrepreneur was written to help scientists realize the dream of building a valuable company around the product or innovation that is unique to their expertise.


Jeff lives in the Hudson River Valley with his wife Katy and - in addition to helping build strong sales organizations - is passionate about the outdoors, spending his spare time hiking, camping, and cycling.

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